Ancient Custom Works
by Adam P. Anczykowski
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All special requirements from clients will be accepted. I believe in no compromise.

Every precious piece of ivory takes great amount of time , effort and connections worldwide before I can lay my hands on it. As seen on this photograph.

This fabulous piece of Siberian Mammoth went half way around the World.

It weighs about 85 kg (187 lb.).

It is in absolute pristine condition, no cracks whatsoever.

It is a great pride and honor for me to be able to make special items for special people using this precious material.

It took me 2 years to find a reliable source of pristine quality Siberian Mammoth ivory and ivory from other extinct animals such as Woolly Rhino. Therefore, it may take few weeks or even months before I am able to get exactly what I expect, and I do not accept any compromises.

Please note that there are no restrictions on exportation or importation of Mammoth ivory since it comes from already extinct species.

I use only pure gold and pure silver ( 999.9) for all my works, no compromises whatsoever.

Pure gold and silver in my opinion is the only material that can be used with such special energy items as Mammoth ivory, Woolly Rhino ivory or Meteorites.

You will also know it as soon as you start to wear it.

Meteorites. The oldest things on Earth that you can own. Some have beautiful crystals mixed with metal, some are just metal but with an usual structures and some are just crystals (or kind of glass) such as these unusually green tektites from Moldavia. You can also have stone meteorites (like the largest plate on the pictures above) with chondrites , round structures made out of very fine dust which was moving in space after the Big Bang . Imagine that.

No, you can not imagine that the right way. First you have to hold it in your hand and look at it through magnifying glass to really travel with your mind billions years back in space and time. You have to experience it to believe in it, and then you will be hooked.

It takes me sometime years to get some Meteorites. Remember only few people on Earth are lucky enough to have them.

Furs: all of them coming from northern British Columbia , northern Alberta, Yukon, Northwest Territories in Canada. They are superb tanned to the highest standard. You can choose from the following furs: Timber Wolf, Lynx, Fox, Buffalo . Please keep in mind that the quantity of these furs each year is very limited and it may take some time to match all pieces for color uniformity.

Export permits for all furs can be arranged. All furs come from reliable source.

Leather: all Elk and Deer leather is superbly tanned for glove quality silkiness. It stretches in all directions with your body movements. You can choose from: Deer, Elk, Buffalo in the following colors- black, gold, brown, chocolate. All leather items are waterproofed.

It requires enormous effort and skills to make these garments. All of them I made by hand, including hand stitching. There are no two items that look the same.

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Blades for my knives are forged by Gene Osborn from Texas USA. Most of them are cable damascus sometimes with nickel twist. Also bolsters are hand forged by Gene either from cable or cable and brass. Each blade is unique . They are heat treated and tempered to the highest standard also by Gene. Soon I will start to make my own hand forged blades using the old Viking method.

When I take blade in my hand and I have my vision of how the knife will look then from this point on there is no compromise - the knife must be functional but at this same time must have the inner beauty and spirit. That's why I use only pure materials and the finest ancient ivory. There are no other knives like these ones.

Please consider that in the 21st century we have machines that can polish and make things shiny in seconds, but it is not what I am aiming for. Such items you can buy every day in any store.

The leather sheaths are hand made by myself from top quality heavy leather, silver or ivory. I can also make sheath from raw buffalo leather.

It can take few months to finish one knife including making the custom blade and finding the rare material (if it is not at hand).