Ancient Custom Works
by Adam P. Anczykowski
"Little Tahltan"
Price: 2 400 USD

This small, beautiful knife is one of my favored. It feel so good to know that it hangs on my belt when I am in remote and wild places of beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

It's name comes from a Natives Tahltan tribe that lives in northern part of British Columbia, Canada around Stikine River valley.

The flow of etched lines in the blade and the feel of walrus tusk ivory with solid gold pins will electrify you.

The knife is well balanced and can be used as a hunting or all around knife.

  • Blade - cable Damascus forged by Gene Osborn from 3 billet composite with nickel twist. Blade is double tempered and then local tempered. Hardened to C-58 and beautifully etched and darkened. Overall length is app. 15 ".
  • Handle - nice, solid Canadian Walrus tusk ivory - pristine quality, ( 24 carat ) solid gold pins
  • Leather Sheath - top quality heavy weight leather, pure silver heavy pins. Special treatment guarantees waterproofness. All hand made and hand stitched with waxed linen heavy thread.
  • Box - custom made with brass hinges, inside covered with velure fabric. Knife is laying on a pillow. On top of the box is engraved sign: Ancient Custom Works
Materials used:
  • prime Canadian walrus tusk ivory
  • pure gold
  • pure silver
  • forged cable damascus steel by Gene Osborn
  • linen thread
  • bee wax
  • prime quality full grain leather