Ancient Custom Works
by Adam P. Anczykowski
"Little Finlay Folder"
Price: USD 1 700

This unusual folder is for these people that want to go back to times when pioneers from Europe came to North America for the firs time and sometimes were using this type of small pocket knifes.

The name "Little Finlay Folder" comes from remote river in northern British Columbia, Canada were I used to fish for large trout and Dolly Varden .

  • Blade - 3" ( 7.5 cm) cable Damascus forged by Gene Osborn from 3 billet composite with twist. Blade is double tempered and then local tempered. Hardened to C-58 and beautifully etched and darkened. Overall length is app. 6.5 " (16.5 cm).
  • Handle - nice, solid and rare Sperm Whale tooth in which you can see a deep mark from one of the battles that the whale went through.
  • Leather Sheath - I used rare, naturally tanned raw Buffalo hide with solid silver rivets. It is hard like a wood and completely waterproof.
  • Box - custom made with brass hinges, inside covered with velure fabric. Knife is laying on a pillow. On top of the box is engraved sign: Ancient Custom Works
Materials used:
  • Pure silver
  • Pristine quality Sperm Whale tooth
  • Hand forged Cable Damascus steel
  • Raw Buffalo Hide