Ancient Custom Works
by Adam P. Anczykowski
Meteorite Men's Ring
Price: USD 9 700

Are you afraid of darkness?

If you are, then this ring is not for you.

This ring will bring you close to the Other Side were nobody venture before.

I forged this ring from solid 1 oz (31.1 gr) gold bar. Embedded in the gold is very rare Shirokovski Meteorite which fell in Russia 01 February 1956. It fell into the lake and person from whom I received it recovered it from the deep waters . It is a beautiful example of Pallasite meteorite. I strongly believe that any meteorite should be surrounded by solid gold only.

The ring is rather heavy since I used all of 1 oz gold bar plus the weight of the meteorite but it is well balanced and wears nicely. The ring comes with hand made box from raw buffalo hide decorated with solid silver. Inside the box is lining from fine buffalo wool.

There is only one ring in the world like that . No duplications will be made or are possible.

All is hand forged, no soldering whatsoever. Let me know your finger size - some adjustments are possible

Remember, Pharaohs of Egypt would wear only jewellery made from solid gold.

Why don't you?

Materials used: Solid gold, Shirokovski Meteorite