Ancient Custom Works
by Adam P. Anczykowski
Bow Tie Meteorite
Price: USD 2100

Looking at the photograph above - are you on Earth or on other Planet ?

This superb Bow Tie I made using piece of another world, it is a Sikhotealin Meteorite which fell in Siberia at 10:30 AM on February 12, 1947.

The surface of this meteorite is just unbelievable, it shows it's falling path to Earth history. It is loaded with cosmic energy.

It is 4.6 billion years old - older than you have expected. Older than you can believe. Meteorites are the oldest things you can have.

I set it in a heavy ( 1.0 mm or 3/64" thick) forged to shape piece of solid gold. There is no soldering whatsoever.

The string is hand made from strong and supple kangaroo leather.

You will like to wear it forever.

Materials used:
  • Sikhotealin Meteorite
  • pure gold
  • kangaroo leather