Ancient Custom Works
by Adam P. Anczykowski
Bow Tie Mammoth Tooth
Price: USD 3100

This is my favored bow tie. When I put it on, I know that somehow I am connected to to virgin wilderness where Mammoths were grazing.

I used 40 000 years old Siberian Mammoth tooth of unbelievable quality and colors.

I used heavy (1.0 mm or 3/64 " thick) piece of solid 24 karat gold plate to wrap it around the tooth. There is no soldering whatsoever but the results are staggering.

The string is made out of strong and supple kangaroo leather.

This bow tie comes in custom made wooden box with brass hinges.

If you decide to own it be aware that lots of heads will be turned and you will have to answer lots of questions.

Materials used:
  • prime quality Siberian Mammoth tooth
  • solid 24 carat gold
  • kangaroo leather