Ancient Custom Works
by Adam P. Anczykowski
Bow Tie Mammoth Rib No 1
Price: USD 1700

This Bow tie, similarly to Bow Tie No 2 is made from 150 000 old mammoth rib. On top of the rib I embeded some nuggets and gold dust from Yukon.

There is only one in the whole world .

The ivory is set in heavy ( 1.0 mm or 3/64" thick) forged to shape piece of solid gold. There is no

soldering whatsoever.

The string is hand made from kangaroo leather.

Comes in a custom made wooden box.

Now, if you really want you can wear Mammoth spirit all day long.

Materials used:
  • pure gold
  • prime quality Siberian Mammoth Ribs
  • Kangaroo leather