Ancient Custom Works
by Adam P. Anczykowski
Custom Wear
Elk-Wolf Fur Jacket
Price: 9 000 USD

Did you ever wonder what wolves feel when they look at the Moon like the one above?

When you will put this jacket on and pull the big collar up you will come very close to that feeling.

I used only the best tanned premium quality elk and deer leather to achieve this outstanding product.

The three Timber Wolves heavy winter furs required great amount of effort to find - they are just beautiful. All of them are from northern British

Columbia, Canada were this picture was taken. The best one I used to make superb collar which turns a lot of heads.

Each of the buttons could be used as a piece of jewellery- I made them from prime quality 40 000 years old, very rare black Siberian Mammoth

tusk ivory . Each button is embedded in a form forged from pure silver - no soldering whatsoever. There are 6 buttons.

You can wear this jacket also in fall or spring - just take few minutes to untie the fur lining which is held by few deer leather laces.

Without the fur lining this jacket wears nicely because the elk leather stretches a little and is very soft and pliable.

The inside of the jacket and inside side of the collar is made from premium super soft deer leather.

Two large zippered pockets are on each side inside the jacket. Two extra large pockets are on the outside.

In winter you will not need anything warmer because there is nothing warmer.

The elk leather is treated for waterproofness.

This jacket size is Medium.

Other sizes and colors can be ordered as well as other types of fur. Lynx fur would look nicely too. It takes about 6 weeks to make one.

Think about it for a moment.

There is only one jacket like this one in the whole world.

Materials used:
  • prime quality Timber Wolves fur
  • prime quality elk leather
  • prime quality deer leather
  • thread - imitation of deer tendons
  • pure silver
  • prime quality black Siberian Mammoth tusk ivory