Ancient Custom Works
by Adam P. Anczykowski
Custom Wear
Camel Felt Jacket
Price: USD 5 900

This unusual and one of a kind jacket is made from selected prime quality camel wool (85%) and prime quality merino wool (15%) pressed into a medium density felt. This felt is super light and super warm and is hand made in Canada.

The collar is made from 100% Buffalo fine wool felt which is much darker and also extremely warm. Buttons are hand made from Buffalo horn and have very interesting texture.

The whole jacket is hand sawn with 100% Buffalo wool yarn.

Jacket have 2 very large outside pockets and two large inside pockets . All pockets can be closed using deer leather straps.

This gorgeous jacket can be used for horse riding, siting around camp fire or just for walking around town, but you can be sure that in any situation you will feel great and all eyes will be turned on you.

Size of this jacket: Medium

Materials used:
  • Prime quality Camel fine wool felt
  • Prime quality Buffalo fine wool felt
  • Buffalo wool yarn
  • Buffalo wool horn